Who You Gonna Call?
November 17, 2010, 12:37 am
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(Image via The Sartorialist)


Maybe the Sartorialist Should Quit His Day Job
April 10, 2010, 4:30 pm
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God bless The Sartorialist.  Despite giving bat-shit crazy, ego-driven interviews, making frequent, misguided attempts at injecting some deeper meaning into his work, and being regularly outperformed by younger, more interesting and more innovative street photographers, he’s really managed to carve out a nice niche for himself as one of the fashion blogosphere’s preeminent voices.  Or at least one of the loudest — have you heard he was selected as one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Design Influencers?  Well, if not, he’s placed a helpful reminder at the top of his homepage.  2007 does seem like just yesterday, I suppose.  Look, good for him for making a living doing something so many can only dream of — getting flown to the trendiest locations around the world, standing outside fashion shows, snapping pics of the people who attend said shows, and getting heaps of praise and a book deal for it!

Naturally, when I heard he had shot a spread for Vogue Pelle based on the concept “cool blogger girl,” my eyes were already half rolled.  But, then I saw the photos.  And I kind of liked them.  Mostly, I’ll admit, for the way they were styled (by Karina Givargisoff), but the idea of the model as blogger/street photographer lends itself well to the type of fashionably-awkward poses Vogue (and Tyra!) prefers. The model here is great and there are some really nice shots in there.  Plus, it’s totally not based in reality and makes being a blogger seem like the most glamorous job in the world, which it really isn’t, unless you’re Tavi or Bryan Boy.

So listen, Scott: maybe it’s time you retired the blog and moved into this fashion photography biz full-time.  Isn’t that kind of what you’ve been angling for the whole time anyway?  You’re good at this!  Take a leap of faith.  I, for one, would be perfectly fine without being introduced to people like Snowflake.

More photos below, via The Cut.

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Italian Family Style
February 8, 2010, 11:46 pm
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My favorite thing about people watching in Italy is how frequently you can come across entire families that are completely put together from head to toe.  This snap from The Sartorialist sums that up pretty nicely for me.  Despite some serious stink-eye from Sibling #1, each of these three characters is showing off nice attention to detail on strong statement pieces, from the plaid-accented boat shoes to the scarf peeking out from underneath the mother’s coat.  My personal favorite, though, is the combination puffer/pea coat on Sibling #2.  Not only is it on-trend with what was shown in Paris and Milan, but it’s a fresh, functional reinterpretation of a classic, just in time for the long stretch of winter when pulling on the same heavy coat is beginning to get boring and repetitive.

It’s too bad we don’t know anything about the father, although the countless well-dressed older Italian men on the Sartorialist and the style on display here in this photo bodes well for this family.