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Palladium Goes Inside London Pirate Radio

Despite the fact that this marks my second post this week celebrating illegal activity, I’m kind of fascinated by the latest installment of Palladium Boot’s Explorer film series, examining the world of London Pirate Radio.  The first time I heard about this underground scene was back when the first traces of Dizzee Rascal made its way to the States, but the roots of the illegal broadcasts go back to the 50’s and 60’s when unlicensed frequencies would transmit from boats off the UK shore and rusted anti-aircraft towers at the mouth of the Thames in an act of rebellion against BBC radio restrictions.  Just like so many other things that the Internet has decimated (magazines, video rental, the recording industry, taking out a personal ad in the classified section of your local newspaper that, in a wacky twist, ends up leading you right back to your current partner), pirate radio has taken a hit from the web and isn’t what it used to be.  But, as the video Palladium filmed all over London shows, some pirate radio transmitters still thrive in the UK today, hidden in plain site.

See more photos from Palladium’s Explorer series after the jump, and watch the 16-minute movie now streaming on the Palladium site.

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