Who You Gonna Call?
November 17, 2010, 12:37 am
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(Image via The Sartorialist)


Opening Ceremony x What?
November 16, 2010, 11:48 pm
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Take a look at this image.  What do you think it is?  A sneak preview from HSN’s Suze Orman Collection?  An early look at Ricky’s “Sexy Dick Tracy” costume for Halloween 2011?

Nope.  It’s a piece from Opening Ceremony’s new capsule collection inspired by Disney’s upcoming crapfest movie TRON: Legacy.

Wait, are you sure it’s not HSN’s Suze Orman Collection?

Sigh.  Yes, I’m sure.

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Nicholas Hoult’s Ears Are Slightly Off-Kilter

And here all I thought he and I had in common were our stunning good looks.

Nicholas really stepped in some good shit it when he landed a role in Tom Ford’s Oscar-nominated directorial debut “A Single Man” last year.  Now not only is he no longer best known for his role in “About a Boy” and the teenage-trainwreck that is “Skins,” but he gets to star in all of Ford’s ad campaigns, like the one above for the designer’s A/W 10 eyewear campaign.  Plus, he doesn’t have to endure fake crows tweaking his nipple, as his female counterpart Freja has to do in the accompanying woman’s campaign.  Yikes.  Two more (nipple-free) shots after the jump.

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May the Visvim Be With You

This is the intersection of so many things that I like, it’s almost sick.  Star Wars menswear art by John Woo (not that John Woo).

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Jack Spade Industrial Canvas Jaws Coal Bag
June 13, 2010, 10:57 pm
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I hate carrying bags of any kind.  So much so that even when I go to the beach, I usually exploit the kindness of my friends and spread my belongings amongst their totes and backpacks.  But, if I ever did decide to get something to carry all of my shit (in the interest of not being a brat and having friends who still want to go to the beach with me), this Industrial Canvas Jaws Coal Bag from Jack Spade is pretty cool.  I like the dipped canvas and the pop art feel of the silk-screened Jaws photo.  Plus who doesn’t want to be reminded of the killers lurking beneath the waves during an otherwise relaxing day of sun and sand?  Always be prepared, beachgoers.  Always be prepared.

Check it out here.

Viviane Sassen
May 8, 2010, 11:40 am
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Fashion photography centered on African themes is often so fetishized or romanticized that it becomes less about representing a continent or a people than it is about being exotic for the sake of exoticism.  So much so that the personal touch Viviane Sassen injects into her work goes miles to separate her from others who travel to the continent as visitors.  Sassen, a Dutch fashion photographer who lived in Kenya as a child, has a way of making her portraits feel authentic despite how highly stylized they are.  Even the most obviously posed portraits have an almost candid quality.  And throughout, her love for Africa and affection for the people she shoots come through as vibrantly as the rich colors she favors.  Sassen is also creating an alternative view to what many outsiders think of Africa, in a way that only an insider can.  As she told Karin Nelson of the New York Times, “People in the West have a quite limited idea of what the place is about.  Hunger, war, AIDS … It’s so much more diverse and exciting.”  See more of her work after the jump.

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Classics: 8 1/2

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