Imaginary Celebrity Grooming Collaborations That Are Better Than Kiehl’s x The Sartorialist

Pharrell for Kiehl’s was one thing.  But the recent collaboration between the grooming giant and everyone’s favorite Lilliputian photographer The Sartorialist really got me thinking: not only is there a lot of money to be had in the world of celebrity grooming collaborations, but the partnerships don’t even need to make any sort of sense!  Never one to settle for anything less than perfect, I’ve gone ahead and brainstormed five possible celebrity grooming collaborations that are a much more natural fit.  These guys and girls are just itching for some of that health and beauty money — some literally (see Ke$ha).

Slash Anti-Dandruff Shampoo: Shred & Shoulders

Mary J. Blige for Johnson & Johnson: No More Tears and/or Drama

Brut by Christina Aguilera

Ke$ha for Purell Hand $anitizer

Just for Men Celebrity Edition by Hugh Jackman

WontLastisse by Kim Kardashian for Latisse

Danny DeVito x PedEgg