Maison Martin Margiela, Spring/Summer 2011
June 29, 2010, 4:35 pm
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Nathan Coley
June 26, 2010, 10:40 am
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Nathan Coley is a celebrated Scotland-based artist and graduate of the Glasgow School of Art.  While much of his work deals with political themes (a recreation of an IRA-bomb-damaged Marks and Spencer, an exhibition about Pan Am Flight 103, and his Turner Prize-winning recreations of churches, synagogues and mosques), I’m a bigger fan of his large-scale typeface structures like There Will Be No Miracles Here, shown above.  The Tate describes this piece:

In THERE WILL BE NO MIRACLES HERE the glitzy typeface jars with the folksy light bulbs, the prodigious title simultaneously forbidding and admitting the possibility of divine intervention. It derives from a historical event where a King, in effect, imposed state jurisdiction over the ‘higher’ law of God. Opening up a range of possible readings, in Coley’s work truth and belief are considered unstable and relative. His work proposed strategies for us to engage more expansively with the world in which we live.

While Coley’s not without his detractors, I think the setting of the scaffolding and lights in rural areas or gardens are part of what makes it so interesting from a visual perspective.  It’s a grand-scale, modern installation that, like a lot of contemporary art, maybe doesn’t really mean anything at all other than what you take from it yourself.  Some more similar pieces from Coley after the jump.

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Mr. Dool Approves: Junya SS11 Striped Blazer

I’ll do a full post of some of my favorites from Milan and Paris sometime this weekend, but this striped Junya blazer is the first thing I’ve seen that I really wanted to own right away.  The whole show is basically like a nicer version of my current wardrobe and I love pretty much every look they sent down the runway today.  Nothing terribly groundbreaking here, just a nice collection of well-executed, wearable clothes.  Yes, please.

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Nicholas Hoult’s Ears Are Slightly Off-Kilter

And here all I thought he and I had in common were our stunning good looks.

Nicholas really stepped in some good shit it when he landed a role in Tom Ford’s Oscar-nominated directorial debut “A Single Man” last year.  Now not only is he no longer best known for his role in “About a Boy” and the teenage-trainwreck that is “Skins,” but he gets to star in all of Ford’s ad campaigns, like the one above for the designer’s A/W 10 eyewear campaign.  Plus, he doesn’t have to endure fake crows tweaking his nipple, as his female counterpart Freja has to do in the accompanying woman’s campaign.  Yikes.  Two more (nipple-free) shots after the jump.

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May the Visvim Be With You

This is the intersection of so many things that I like, it’s almost sick.  Star Wars menswear art by John Woo (not that John Woo).

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Girl, I Don’t Have No Time for You to Be Playin’ Wit My Heart Like This

Anyone who knows me well knows I love a good spoken word interlude in a song like nobody’s biz.  There’s something so wonderful and so, so cheesy about the entire concept that just gets me every time, especially because I can’t help but wonder what goes through artists’ and producers’ minds when they’re in the studio cranking out hits and they all agree that this is a good idea.  “What’s missing here?  Oh, I know, inserting a completely fabricated monologue (or even better — a dialogue) into the middle or intro of this song will really give it that extra dose of emotional realism we need to connect with the audience.  After all, emotions aren’t quite high enough right now, even though I’m FUCKING SINGING about something, so let’s show everyone what we really mean by dropping the melody…and talking.”

On a pretend phone call, for example.

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Six Things #3

Six things I like this week.  Click to enlarge picture.  Details below.

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